ChromaKey Green Paint

1 Quart.

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ChromaKey Green Paint is specially formulated for video, photography and media. They serve as a replacement to a cloth green screen.

See the photos where the painted ChromaKey Green wall is compared to a cloth green screen.

NO MORE SETUP for the stands and backdrop. NO MORE IRONING to remove the creases.

Our customers include Fortune 100 corporations, schools, libraries, startup firms, artists, professional photographers and videographers.

Painting a green screen on a wall or hard surface area saves time during and post production. Properly painted, the luminance and color saturation is constant for keying effects.

ChromaKey Green is a latex based flat paint, made in the USA. It is water soluble. There is no need to dilute the paint.

ChromaKey in gallon size is the only paint can on the market that comes with a handle attached, allowing for easier movement and pouring of the paint with little to no spillage.

Recommendation: Painted surface should be clean and dry. We recommend the area be painted white first and dry before applying ChromaKey Green for the best color result. ChromaKey Green should be stirred before painting. Application can be made by brush, roller, or spray gun. See photos for example of use with a roller. We recommend 2 coats at a minimum for best results. 1 Gallon will cover approximately 400 square feet. The paint should dry in 60 minutes (@ 75F (24C) and 50% relative humidity). We recommend re-coating in 4 hours.

Surfaces and materials can be cleaned with soap and water. Avoid contact with the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Do not ingest. Do not freeze.

Product contains Crystalline Silica.